Unique feature:

  1. With integrated functions geared to varies of utilizing status, welding effect can be re-realize after certain customized welding procedures;
  2. Digital inverter pulse welding source, which enhance high efficiency, no splash, and suitable for MIG brazing as well;
  3. With 200 professional welding specifications and 100 inner storable welding programs which guarantee the best welding qualities geared to kind of aluminiums welding status;
  4. Containing varies of aluminium-welding professional systems;
  5. Monopulse welding sources can be upgraded to bi-pulse welding sources which can substitute TIG welding sources and perfect scale welding beads;
  6. Every melt drip geared to certain relative electric pulse can be precisely controlled, thus perfect welding joints can be obtained by using 1.2 mm metal wires for 0.7 mm sheets

Application Areas

  • This kind of welding machine can be utilized for manufacturing industries,maintenance shops, food industries, chemical industries, metal plates, machining operations, equipment manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing, locomotive manufacturing, shipyard, normal & high pressure receptacles, and oceaneerings,
  • Suitable for alloy steel, nickel alloy, copper and copper alloy material (galvanized), special metal, aluminum and aluminum alloy, etc;
  • Solid wire & covered wires (0.8-2.4mm), acid electrodes and basic electrodes are all permitted;

JO EUN CO2/MIG/MAG Double Pulse Welding Machine

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