Company Overview

KorWeld specializes in Inverter Welding and Cutting Machines, parts and accessories. Comparing the price and quality, our products have competitive advantage. We provide good quality products with reasonable and affordable price.

When it comes to service, we also guarantee the best service we can give to our customers. We do make sure that they will receive 101% satisfaction as we deliver them the item they need or product they buy.

As of now, KorWeld is selling many products and still planning to add more items to sell soon in order to  meet the market needs and continue to satisfy them.

We will not stop to innovate and introduce new items in the market, so that KorWeld can be your One-Stop-Shop in terms of Industrial needs. 


Our History

Korweld, incorporated in May 2013, is one of the leading supplier of Korean Made welding and cutting machine in the Philippines. Started from a well-known brand of ASEA and KORWELD, with 5 people in operation, Korweld proved that it can provide quality welding and cutting machines in Philippine industry.

Korweld continues to expand from welding and cutting machine, and soon added to its selling items are, accessories, consumables, Power tools, Automatic Cutting Machine, Air Compressor, Generators and Hoist.

We cater construction companies, general metal and heavy equipment fabrication, machine shops, shipbuilding, automotive, repair shops and others. Korweld's product are sold both in domestic and international market. We have branches in Baguio and Laguna to serve clients from those areas.


Our Vision

To be the leading partner of the industries that provides Inverter Welding and Cutting Machines, Power tools and Industrial Products.

A company that will be well-known for its best quality products, competitive price and satisfying service.


Our Mission

To build a long-term relationship with our customers and provide them the best quality products and services through smart innovation and use of high quality materials. 



Our Customers


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