• It does not contain metals & metal components, halogenated hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, amines, and nitrates, so it does not form amine nitrates, which are carcinogenic substances.\
  • It does not foam at 45℃ or higher, and prevents foaming caused by foreign substances such as soap-based cutting oil or lubricant.
  • It does not contain silicone-based antifoaming agents, so there is no need for a separate cleaning process, and there is no problem with painting even after use.
  • It is a transparent concentrated liquid that has penetrating and dispersing properties, and is a mild alkaline detergent with surfactant added.
  • Oil or grease floats to the top and other foreign substances sink to the bottom, as it has no emulsification action without agitation for several hours. These properties make it easy to remove contaminants and lengthen the life of the solution, allowing it to be used about 4 times more than other cleaning agents.
  • It is widely used not only for machine washing but also for interior and exterior washing of aircraft.


  • Indoors, bed room, glass, floor, food storage tank, refrigerator car, food maker, vessel, furniture, home applicances, airconditioner, bag, machinery, bath room, trucks.


  • Use undiluted solution or dilute it at adequate ratio depending on applications.
  • Using adequate cleaning equipment (spray, spray gun etc.) makes it easier.

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