These slings are reinforced for additional abrasion resistance. Also known as Type 3 slings, the eyes lie in a flat position for easy removal from beneath loads. Lightweight and flexible, web slings are less likely than other slings to mar, scratch, or dent fragile loads. They include a tag that shows the material, length, and capacities in each configuration.

Slings with plastic-coated edges have plastic-coated fibers woven into the edges for added abrasion resistance.



Renjin Power Polyester Webbing Sling 4 Ton x 100mm x 2 ply Grey Color

  • 4 Ton x 3 Meter
  • 4 Ton x 4 Meter
  • 4 Ton x 5 Meter
  • 4 Ton x 6 Meter
  • 4 Ton x 8 Meter
  • 4 Ton x 10 Meter

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