0.8, 1.5, 2, 3, 6, 9, 12 Ton

DAESAN light weight, portable lever hoist increases a worker’s efficiency in pulling, lowering moving and skidding objects in industrial, maintenance construction and utility company applications. Minimal effort is required to move tons. Excellent for stretching cable and fencing positioning machinery and building components.



  • Allows smooth operation of loads chain.
  • Protective steel covers can easily be removes for inspection and maintenance.
  • Electric welded G80 alloy steel chain is heat treated to wear resistance and strength.
  • Can hold a capacity load  stationary at any position
  • All hooks are drop forged hear treated steel with spring type latches.
  • Load shafts are supported by pre-lubricated bearings for smooth operation



Warranty: 3 Years on Labor and Parts



  1. READ these instructions before installing, operating, or maintaining equipment.
  2. DO NOT lift more that rated load
  3. DO NOT operate hoist when it is restricted from forming a straight line with the direction of loading.
  4. DO NOT operate with twisted, kinkedm or damaged chain.
  5. DO NOT operate if chains is not seated in sheaves or sprockets
  6. DO NOT wrap chain around load use chain as a sling
  7. DO NOT operate unless load is properly applied to the saddle or bowl of the hook
  8. DO NOT operate if load is applied to the tip of the hook 
  9. DO NOT operate with damaged or missing hook latches
  10. DO NOT operate hoist when it is in free-wheeling position.
  11. DO NOT lift people
  12. DO NOT lift or move loads over people.
  13. DO NOT operate hoist with lever extensions.
  14. DO NOT operate hoist with lever extensions.
  15. DO NOT operate a damaged or malfunctioning hoist
  16. DO NOT lift or suspend loads with multiple hoist
  17. DO NOT remove, deface, or obscure warning labels on hoist
  18. DO NOT leave load suspended when hoist is unattended unless specific precautions have been instituted and are in place
  19. WARN personnel of approaching loads.

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