125KG, 250KG, 500KG

DLSmart Hook Suspension  EDL : Smart Hook Suspension with Stepless control by VFD


  • Die casting and injection mold light and solid body
  • TEFC enclosure with increased motor rating of 60% ED
  • Strong and fast acting conical brake - easy maintenance
  • Upper and Lower micro limit switches - Activate and stop the hoist motor preventing unnecessary clutch wear
  • Friction clutch is and overload Protection - Device that prevents lifting when overloaded.
  • Stepless Control by VFD - The speed of the load movement is proportional to the movement of the stepless control switch when it is pressed.
  • Various mounting features for different applications
    • Light weight rail mount lug
    • Top hook mount lug
    • Trolley mount lug
  • Hoist with smalled headroom in Korea



*EDL type is VFD equipped stepless control hoist that hoist operation speed is controllable by the degree of push button press for smooth, quiet and precise operation.


Warranty: 3 Years on Labor and Parts

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