Advantages of DC ARC/MMA Welding Machine

  • Easy to start arc and smoother arc (In AC Welding, arc must be re-ignited after less zero crossing)
  • Fewer arc outages and sticking
  • Less spatter and better looking welds
  • DC Welder welds thinner metals better
  • More penetration ar a given amperage than AC
  • Easier vertical up and overhead welding
  • Lighter and smaller than AC welding machine

Advantages of ASEA STICK/MMA DC Inverter Type Welder

  • No Electric Shock (DC 28V)
  • Heavy duty (60% Duty Cycle)
  • High Quality Welding And Cutting
  • Easy to Use and Easy to Repair
  • Low Electric Bill (Less 60%)
  • Light and Compact
  • Built-in Sensor to prevent overheating
  • Internationally well-known Korean Brand

ASEA ARC 200S DC Inverter Type Welder

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